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Everything is possible!

Are you looking for a company that can help you develop your website or bespoke software?

Are you in dire need of integrating new API into your systems?

Are you trying to find specialists to help you optimize your UI/UX designs?

Would you like to get your online marketing strategies streamlined by a team of experienced professionals?

Is your conversion optimization and SEO eluding you and you want to improve it?

At Egon Expert, we can help you with all this and much more! We believe that Everything is possible!
We believe we can help you grow your business from being just another common business to something that gives you the kinds of gains and benefits you have been looking for. Our main focus is working with medium-sized to small businesses.

We want you to focus on doing the business that you specialise in. To help you do this, we will handle all the technical sides of your IT systems. It does not matter how complicated your project looks.

We will always find a perfect solution. By outsourcing your IT projects to our team of qualified professionals, you get to enjoy cost-efficiency and get high-quality work delivered on time.

IT Services Provided

Team of software developers and designers discussing requirements for mobile app, eCommerce eShop or API integration.

Top quality development


Software Development & API Integrations
Professional solutions for your needs

API creation and integration tick box

API Creations & Integrations

This is really important when you are planning to give your business extra functionalities or extend your current IT systems. API (Application Programming Interface) refers to protocols and sub-routine definitions used in building a software. When you create an API and integrate it with that of another system, you allow the two systems to communicate with each other. This offers several benefits which include:
  • It will help you add a new method of payment or shipping to your online shop
  • API creation & integration will give you the ability to integrate your software with another platform
  • It will allow other people to integrate their IT systems with your system
API creation and integration is the best way to integrate different IT systems, allow them to work together and hence provide a complete solution to your customers or clients.
At Egon Expert, we have a team of experienced developers who will take care of creating the API and the process of integration on your behalf. Our team will work with you to come up with a robust solution for your API integration and creation needs.

Bespoke software development tick box

Bespoke Software Development

To get the complexity your business needs, you need systems which can work together seamlessly. At Egon Expert, we approach every customer's needs individually. We are aware of the fact that every business is unique. Therefore, we know that different businesses will have different needs. An off-the-shelf solution will not have the ability to cater to all the needs different businesses will have. Hence, we take our time to create a unique solution for every business after listening to its needs.

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eCommerce Shops

Selling your services and products on the web is a great way of getting access to a bigger customer base. Instead of only focusing on selling to the local community, an eCommerce store will help you expand your business and reach the international community. We will work with you throughout the process of setting up the eCommerce store. We will help you choose the perfect solution from the numerous options available in the market. Our team of professionals will help you maximize your exposure by integrating the eCommerce store with online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. If you like, we can even run the eCommerce store for you.

Mobile apps - Android, iOS - development tick box

Mobile Apps (iOS, Android)

An appealing mobile application has to be developed by a knowledgeable team. Also, it has to be developed in such a way that it provides a solution to your unique business needs. At Egon Expert, we know that your business needs will be different from those of another business. This is why we ensure that we understand your business needs before creating a unique Android and iOS application for your business.

Website development and design tick box

Website Design & Development

We will create an outstanding website that helps you get noticed. Throughout the whole process, we will listen to you and make sure that we understand all your needs. We use the newest web technologies to create a website that satisfies all your needs and at the same time gives your customers the best UX (user experience).


Team of marketers discussing online marketing strategy for client, improving conversion rate and customer experience.

Creative online marketing


SEO | Social Media & Online Marketing
Treat each of your customers as individuals

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Content Personalisation

We will help you take into account what each individual customer wants. To determine what each customer wants, we will use various methods including analysing the data collected from customer’s activity on the web. By taking into account what each customer’s personal preferences are, you will get to treat them as individuals. This will help you make more sales. Be assured that every approach we use to personalize your content is GDPR compliant.

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Conversion Increase

You are driving a significant amount of traffic to your website. Also, you have great and competitive offers. The problem is that the sales numbers are not where you would expect them to be. We will help you change this by analysing both your website and the customer behaviour. We will then provide suggestions and changes which will turn your traffic into paying customers.

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Online Marketing

To make business, you need to communicate your services and products to potential customers effectively. At Egon Expert, we will help you turn all your campaigns into a success. We will help you use paid social media marketing, Google AdWords, and Bing Ads to make your business successful. Online marketing is much more than that. It also covers:
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – We will help your business website rank high in the Bing and Google search engine results page
  • Social Media Integration – Our web development experts will use social media API endpoints to integrate social media platforms with your website. This will allow you to reach more customers and add generic interactions with your customer base
  • Email campaigns – Nowadays, everyone is constantly checking their email. If there is one perfect way to turn a lot of people into paying customers, it is through the use of email campaigns. We will help you come up with strategies which will produce results in your email campaigns

Team of marketers discussing online marketing strategy for client, improving conversion rate and customer experience.

Creative online marketing


Team of dev ops discussing client IT infrastructure maintenance strategy, optimising performance and web page load

Professional servers support


Infrastructure & Servers Support
Performance is key

Hosting in cloud and on premise tick box

Hosting: Cloud & On-Premise

For your business app or website to run smoothly, it has to be hosted on an optimized server infrastructure. Our professional team will bring expertise to ensure your infrastructure is reliable, secure and optimized. Choosing the correct hosting for your business can be a crucial decision, we can help you make the right choices fulfilling your requirements.

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Servers Management

For your servers to work perfectly, they need to be managed by a team of professionals. Our team of experts will help you manage your IT infrastructure. Whenever you need assistance, we will always be available. From installing the operating systems and software, implementing security measures to fully configuring your servers, we will ensure that your infrastructure runs

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Website Page Load Optimisation

If your website load speed is too low, you will lose customers and business. We will help you optimize the speed at which your web pages load. This will help you rank higher in search engines and improve the customer experience. Our team of professionals will analyse all factors affecting the page load, from the code base, underneath database to the way how the media assets are served and how the HTML is being processed by your customer's browser. Improving the website load can play a huge role in your online success


Everything is possible!

Our Background

Egon Expert was established back in 2017. This is when our founder, Rafal Skucha, saw the need to help businesses focus on doing what they were established to do instead of having to waste their time dealing with the IT side of things. Our team is made up of experienced professionals. Before Rafal Skucha established Egon Expert, he had been leading the IT department at ShopTo.net, one of the UK’s biggest independent eCommerce retailer. Throughout his career, Rafal has managed to connect with highly-talented professionals. These are the people who will be working with you on IT services you need.

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