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As an experienced IT Team, we have already helped deliver many IT projects for our demanding clients.

MS Dynamics NAV & eCommerce website

Integrate eCommerce store with newly setup MS Dynamics Nav installation to provide data exchange: Customers, Orders and Payments

Using NAV's SOAP API interface we have created standalone Windows app written in C# to provide near-real-time data exchange between ERP and the website. RabbitMQ queening system was used to provide centralised placed for data being synced from mobile app / website and other sources into NAV.

C# | PHP | RabbitMQ

Website page load speed optimisation

Identify webpage render bottlenecks and improve website load speed to improve customer's experience

Introducing CDN for all static assets. Optimising images and improving CSS and JS files loading and handling. Implementing HTTP/2 protocol, more rebust server-side caching and image lazy loading.

nginx | PHP | Javascript | CDN

Recommendation engine for eCommerce website & mobile app

Add product recommendations into existing eCommerce store and mobile app

Historical order data was used to build customer's profiles and to "warm-up" the system. Using Elastic Search & Graph for data storage and product relations. Results filtered against customer's order history to avoid product-already-bought recommendations.

Elastic Stack: Search & Graph | PHP | MySQL

Search engine for eCommerce website & mobile app

Improve search functionality and user experience on web & mobile app, providing fast and accurate search solution

Replaced database-based search system with Elasticsearch solution. Added new functionality: type hints, misspells and synonymus handling and facets filtering. Greatly improved search speed and accuracy with minimum legacy system changes.

Elasticsearch | PHP | Javascript

Pricelists aggregator and management solution

Multiple supplier's pricelists supplied by various data sources (CSV, Excel, PDF, API)

Web based full management pricelist system. Standardised format to import pricelists into the web based control panel. Full management functionality (adding, editing, deleting, reporting). Ability to find most cost-effective supplier based on given search conditions.

PHP | MySQL | Excel

Image-to-Text recognition system with external processing API

Ability to "read" JPG/PNG image files, extract required text data and call external API for further processing

Using Azure Cognitive Vision API for initial text extraction from image file. Text pre-processing in PHP to extract only valuable data used to contact external API to obtain final response. Process flow: Image => Text => Data extraction (address) => Address processing API.

C# | Azure Cloud | PHP | MySQL

Data from MS Excel files to web portal interface

Create bi-directional interface between web portal and locally stored Excel files

Using PHP framework Laravel and Excel extension to create bi-directional data exchange between Excel files and web portal. Created ability to read & write to Excel files and manipulate data via web portal.

PHP | Javascript | Laravel

Marketing automation for eCommerce website

Automate marketing activities around events triggered by end user

Created system which will automatically act based on end user activities. Events triggering automation: new user registration, abandon basket, post-purchase follow up, review request.

PHP | MySQL | Javascript

Web serving infrastructure security hardening

Bringing existing setup in line with latest security recommendations and best practice

Reconfiguring web server to improve handling of HTTPS connections. Updating web app to be served via secure connection only. Web app code audit with security patches implementation. OS and web, database server updates and config changes.

nginx | Linux | PHP | MySQL

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