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Developing "Near Me Cleaning" Shopify e-Store

Egon Expert helped to launch "Near Me Cleaning".

After few weeks of development, we have been able to successfully launch https://near-me.cleaning website using Shopify ecommerce platform.

Our main goal was to deliver platform which has simple UX and give the customers easy way to book services using online store. We have utilised Shopify platform due to relatively low initial, and maintenance costs. Another important factor was ability to extend the platform itself by using available “apps” and bespoke plugins.

Services offered by our customer require functionality to manage Team and each of the member’s availability. This is reflected on the front end where end customer has the ability to choose product/service and time slot when the service should be “delivered”.

There was very low web development effort apart from some custom theme updates to reflect customer’s needs.

Main focus was put into making sure that the platform is configured correctly making sure flowless operation and integration with 3rd party APIs and apps.

Payment processing and web hosting is covered as core Shopify platform functionalities and no custom development was needed.

Future development will be focused around creating bespoke functionality integrating current booking time slots functionalities with subscription model. This will require API integrations between Shopify platform, 3rd party app and custom development to fully satisfy customer’s business model.

Who are “Near Me Cleaning” as per their “About Us” page… “Near Me Cleaning was started as a result of true passion for British communities. Our founders saw what a negative impact products like bleach, de-greasers and chemical sprays had on the environment – and how often they were used in the cleaning service industry. They set out on a personal mission to change the story.

We believe that a great cleaning service doesn’t have to produce chemical waste that pollutes the water we drink and the air we breathe. We believe that replacing these chemicals and toxins with environmentally safe alternatives is the first step towards a greener planet. Since we chose to pursue our path in eco-friendly cleaning, we have also noticed a number of our clients praising the products we do use. They are less likely to trigger allergies, less likely to damage the skin, and work just as well as the harmful chemicals other cleaning services use.”


Posted in Software Development, Web Development on Oct 20, 2019